So we got a Gamagori for my youma group just in time. I should be able to finish this cosplay up in 60 days barring no hangups getting materials. I also want to remake my sanageyama mask because I found an interesting tutorial that is pretty clever compared to what I’m currently doing. It’s looking like we’ll have a whole group though, and that makes me happy. The popularity of my youma groups are super hit and miss though. My 2012 hearths warming even group was a total flop but the 2013 zubats was an overwhelming success on all accounts. I can never pin down the popularity of KLK at conventions, so it will be a coin toss.

Nurse Lindsey is looking pretty improbable at the moment. After sewing gamagori, I might move on to doing my squid girl cosplay instead just because I’m feeling it more.