kido-swagomi asked:

the entire concept is actually a horrible idea. con goers and normal people have enough trouble getting along as it is in a lot of cases, but put them in a fucking museum/MEMORIAL? yea, someone's going to get mad.


I highly encourage you to read the whole rules page. They are very ambitious. Some rules I’d wish other cons would support. Like “no Nazi memorabilia.” This is by far my favorite rule though.

 ”If your costume violates you will NOT be thrown out. We will work with you so that your costume does fall within our polices.”

I’m not trying to shit talk here. I’m genuinely curious. What’s the game plan with that? If someone shows up as Symphony Regalia: Finale Nonon, like do they have some board shorts ready on hand to cover them up? Cosplayers freak out when you give them wristbands….. like I’m really curious what the battle plan is. 

On top of that it doesn’t address plain disrespectful cosplayers. Hetalia cosplayers instantly pop into my mind because this setting is perfect for them. Even with no iron cross how do you thing a WWII veteran will feel seeing a young person dressed up as German who is stereotype of the ubermensch? Or an an America cosplayer who carries their flag carelessly and or uses it as a cape? (which I have seen sooooo many times I don’t even both to say anything any more). Or take the cons namesake Kantai collection, which are all rather sexulized designs of mainly WWII vessels. (not that expect a older person to get that off the cuff)… someone didn’t think this through. Like are they being isolated on one part of the ship? I actually have more and more questions the more I think about it…. 

Someone on that staff is an amazing pitch man; and someone in the Navy didn’t do any research or have a weeb in the family.